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Account Information:

The Sparrow office is open on Monday and Tuesday 8-12 am. The office phone (352) 332-6786 rings through to Gainesville Business Services (GBS) Wed-Fri during normal business hours. GBS provides bookkeeping services for Sparrow. You may also call GBS directly at (352) 379-7883 or leave a message on the Sparrow answering machine, which is checked daily. You may also send email to and request a statement of account be sent to your email address.

Maintenance Requests:

If you spot a common areas maintenance problem, or wish to hire the Sparrow maintenance staff to conduct a minor repair inside your unit, please call (352) 332-6786 or send email to or download, fill out and fax, mail or deliver to the mainteance office one of our maintenance request forms.

WashCo - for problems relating to washers and dryers 352-335-7276

High Priority Maintenance Requests:

Please call the maintenance supervistor at (352) 332-6786 during business hours.
Please limit calls to such items as:
   • Overfull dumpsters;
   • Problems with hot water heaters in laundromats
   • downed trees or limbs
   • And other potential safety hazards

Emergency maintenance:

if you have an emergency maintenance problem, Please call the sparrow Maintenance Hotline 332-6786.
Use Hotline only for emergencies such as:
   • Problems with potable water supply
   • Plumbing leaks
   • Leaks due to rainwater intrustion
   • sewer backups


To report fires, accidents, crimes, or suspicious actvity on the property, please immediately call 911 to summon the Alachua County Sheriff's Office, and follow up with a call to the Board president at (352) 332-6786.

Noise violations:

Sparrow Administration first warns, then fines, noise policy violatiors. Please see our Rules and Regulations for details. However, you must report noise violations at the time of the incident to the Alachua County Sheriff's Office at 352-367-4000, and agree to file a report so that the noise offence is lawfully documented. Please provide a copy of the ASO report to the Sparrow office promptly.

Contact members of the 2010 Sparrow Condominiums board of directors:

  • President - Alan Iverson (email)
  • Vice President - Cynthia Long (email)
  • Treasurer - Beverly Shafer (email)
  • Secretary - Pat Denham (email)
  • Director - Anmelia Shiels (email)
  • Accounting - Gainesville Business Services, Inc. (email)
  • Matintenance - Joe Brown and Ron Epps (email)

Coming Soon: Online contact form


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