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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

A compilation of frequently asked questions in which the answers are drawn from the Sparrow Rules and Regulations Handbook, as well as other legal documents and resources. Thanks are due to resident Mrs. Edi Gomez for compiling this FAQ list.

Sparrow's Online Forum

Q: What is Sparrow's Online Forum for?
A: Sparrows forum has two purposes. First, the forum provides an easy way for Sparrow board members, volunteers and maintenance staff to post official news on Sparrow's web site. This includes notice of events, emergencies, water cutoffs, Board meeting announcements, committee meetings, maintenance news, etc.

Second, the forum is a place for owners and residents to share their views on any Sparrow-related topic of general interest. Some topics are set up. Others can be added.

Q: How do I use the Sparrow Online Forum?
A: Anyone can read the posts on the forum. It is public. To start a new topic, or to comment on an existing topic or someone else's post, you must first register as a user of the forum. Go to the forum page and use the register link at top left. If you've never used a forum before, there are easy to use instructions under the "help" menu. Or, feel free to experiment your way around!

Sparrow's forum is moderated. This means a designated volunteer verifies that users are either owners or residents, and reviews posts before they are made public. Sparrow reserves the right to edit posts for brevity and appropriateness. Because the moderator is a volunteer, it may take several days or longer before your registration is approved or before posts show up in the forum. If you wish, you may post without revealing your actual name (registering with an alias).


Association Dues and Special Assessment Fees

Q. When are the association dues and special assessment fees due?
A. All dues or special assessment fees are due the 1st of each month.

Q. When are the association dues and assessment fees considered late?
A. The association dues and assessment fees are considered late after the 10th of each month.

Q. Why do we have to pay special assessments?
A. Special assessments are occasionally necessary to help keep up with the increased cost of maintaining the property.


Board Members

Q. Who are the board members and what do they do?
A. Board members are comprised of home owners at Sparrow. They volunteer their time to attend monthly meetings, endeavor to keep costs down, and make informed decisions to improve the property value for all owners and residents.

Q. Can I become a board member?
A. Any Sparrow Condominium home owner can apply to become a board member to fill a vacant board position.

Q. How do I apply to become a board member?
A. You may submit your resume and letter of intent to the Sparrow Board and drop it off at the Sparrow Office drop-box located on the East side door of the clubhouse.


Noise Ordinance Policies

Q. Who do I contact if my neighbor is very noisy?
A. Call the Sparrow Condo Office (352) 332-6786 to file a complaint and should the problem reoccur frequently also call your local Sheriff’s office at (352) 955-1818.

Q. If I have a party, how late can I have loud music playing?
A. Please ensure none of your activities disturb your neighbors’ enjoyment of their home, and do no violate any resident’s right to quiet AT ANY TIME.

Q. Is there a fee for not observing the noise ordinance?
A. You will be given a warning upon your 1st offense; your 2nd offense will result in a fine of $25 or more. Upon your 3rd offense, you will be fined $50 or more. Habitual offenders are subject to legal action. For an updated list of fines review the latest Sparrow Condo Association Rules and Regulations handbook.


Parking Policies

Q. What are the parking policies at Sparrow?
A. There are no assigned parking spaces, except those designated by handicapped, motorcycle, or boat sign. However, you must obtain a parking sticker for all vehicles, motorcycles, boats, or RVs (Trailers) under 12 feet long. Parking stickers may be obtained at the Sparrow Condominiums office. Parking sticker price is $15.00.



Visitor passes are available at the office and are free, but expire monthly.

Parking violation notices: It is NOT the policy of Sparrow to immediately tow away any vehicle that parks at Sparrow without a sticker. However:

1. Vehicles parked in handicap spaces without a handicap sticker are subject to immediate towing at owner's expense.

2. Visitors who receive a violation notice should promptly notify the person being visited (\unit owner or renter) - to pick up a free visitors pass at office.

Q. What should I do if I receive a parking citation?
A. Move your vehicle or bring it up to standard. You have one week to move it or to bring it up to standard; if you fail to do so, you will receive up to two more citations. After the third citation your vehicle will be towed; you may recover your vehicle at your expense.


Pet Policies

Q. What is the pet policy?
A. Dogs are not allowed under any circumstance. Visitors with dogs are no exception.

Q. What other pet policies should I be familiar with?
A. Other pet policies you should be familiar with include:

  • No pets allowed in the pool area.

  • Pets must be registered at the SCA office.

  • Allowable pets include cat, non-screeching birds, and fish.

  • Cats must remain indoors or on a leash when outdoors.

  • Pet waste must be placed in seal plastic bag and discarded in the dumpsters, NEVER use the toilet to discard pet waste.

Keep in mind that pet violation fees apply and may be reviewed in the Sparrow Condo Association (SCA) Rules and Regulations handbook.

Sparrow Condo Rules and Regulations Handbook

Q. Where can I obtain a copy of the handbook?
A. If you did not received a copy from the previous owner contact the Sparrow Office at (352) 332-6786 to obtain a printed copy. A small printing fee may apply or you may obtain an electronic copy free of charge via the sparrow Web site at Rules and Regs.


Volunteering at Sparrows

Q. I don’t want to be a board member but would like to volunteer to give back in this community, how can I help?
A. You can contact the Sparrow Condominium Office and express your interest. You can also check the bulletin boards, from time to time the board seeks for volunteers to assist in other areas and your help is invaluable to all of us.


Water Leaks

Q. Who do I contact if I have a leak originating from my condo?
A. You or the owner of your condo is fully responsible for immediately addressing any leaks originating inside of your condo. Should you not address the leaks immediately and as a result a neighboring condo is affected, you will be held fully responsible for paying all damages incurred in your and your neighbor’s residence.

Q. Who do I contact if water is leaking from a neighbors condo into mine?
A. If you encounter a leak that is NOT originating from your condo and you suspect it is coming from a neighboring condo, contact the Sparrow Office immediately by phone (352) 332-6786, Maintenance Hotline 332-6786, or in person as necessary. Also contact your surrounding neighbors while you wait for help from our maintenance staff; the faster the leak source is located and water turned off, the less damage that may be incurred. Be familiar with the policies of your homeowner insurance company regards water damage. We will investigate the leak and request that it be fixed right away by the unit owner, whether the leak is sporadic or continuing. If water is leaking continuously, and maintenance staff cannot immediately locate the owner or resident of the unit we believe water is coming from, Sparrow staff may force entry to the unit to shut off the water supply.


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